Overseas Talent Recruitment - Outsourcing
Provide Talent Recruitment and Local Employment Management Services in Southeast Asia
Local talent recruitment | Customized recruitment solutions | Online management platform
Talent Recruitment
Employee Onboarding and Offboarding
Local Social Welfare Contribution
Payroll Calculation
Salary Disbursement
Salary Disbursement
Basic Employment Policy Inquiry
Global Talent Supply Chain
Providing strong support for local recruitment of overseas companies
Integrating rich recruitment resources and experience to build a global talent supply chain
Collaborating with local premium service providers to analyze and plan talent deployment strategies
Ensuring rapid onboarding of personnel, facilitating timely establishment of overseas local teams
Digital Management in All Scenarios
Deep integration of cutting-edge technology for clearer service processes
Utilizing advanced digital management systems to reduce manual efforts and improve service accuracy
Leveraging AI to incorporate advanced technologies such as intelligent screening, video resumes, video interviews, and gamified assessments
Streamlining processes for onboarding, offboarding, and ongoing management of overseas employees
A Global Digital Service Platform
Based on practices in China,integrate global policies,laws and regulations,for a quick start,easy operation and clear management
Online management and approval of global employee leave and attendance, real-time tracking, and instant access to global payroll information
Secure access to global employee data anytime, anywhere
Synchronized updates on employment policies of various countries, access to visa services, statutory holiday pay ranges, and exchange rates
Service process
Confirm requirements
Confirm the details of customer needs and entrusted services, such as employee situation, project landing country, etc
Employment Promotion
According to customer needs, draft employment notices and employment contracts in English and the official language of the host country, make legal declarations with local management agencies, and register new employees locally
Salary payment
Calculate legal salary items, including Personal income tax, social security contributions and insurance premiums, and pay salaries according to Payroll
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Global Employment Policy Query
Global Holiday Inquiry