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JOYOWO is a renowned digital integrated service provider in the field of human resources. With a core mission of "connecting enterprises and connecting people, unlocking the value of human resources," JOYOWO builds a digital human resources product and service system throughout the whole life cycle of employees based on talent strategies and business scenarios of enterprises. Its business capabilities range from rootling in China to going global.
Its services cover global digital human resources services,integrated intelligent HR management systems, business outsourcing, recruitment process outsourcing, corporate commercial insurance and employee health check-ups,enterprise training and consulting. It serves multiple industries, including catering, retail, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and intelligent manufacturing, and has provided services to over 85,000 companies, including Fortune 500 companies and large state-owned enterprises
JOYOWO Established in 2014, the company has always prioritized a people-centric approach and relied on technological innovation to digitize business processes, streamline workflows, and leverage data intelligence, empowering enterprises for efficient growth. JOYOWO established the JOYOWO Legal Education Fund, dedicated to promoting the welfare of businesses and job seekers and creating value for social progress and development.
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JOYOWO GEO (Global Employment Outsourcing) is a global digital HR service provided by Jinyou.com. It provides digital HR solutions in 150+ countries and regions worldwide, covering global hiring, compliant employer services, employee management, compensation and benefits, and compliance consulting. Jinyou GEO accelerates the localization of overseas companies
Services in 150+ Countries and Regions
Efficient global service solutions in compliance Empowering Enterprises for Global Expansion
Direct payment in 120+ currencies
Conversion of multiple currencies globally and accurate calculation of remuneration Meet the demands of enterprises for streamlined remuneration management and payment
One-stop Management platform
Support automatic modular human resources management, Meet the needs of enterprises and employees in each procedure
Support of 100+ Global Experts
Gather expert teams in different countries Ensure conformity to local laws and regulations and labor security of employees
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SEQUOIA is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build enduring companies. Since 1972, SEQUOIA has supported numerous innovative companies, including Apple, Cisco, Oracle, Google, Alibaba, Airbnb, JD.com, and more. SEQUOIA China focuses on investment opportunities in the fields of technology/media, healthcare, consumer goods/services, and industrial technology. Since its establishment in September 2005, SEQUOIA China has invested in over 500 companies
National Certifications Providing multiple guarantees and high-quality services
National Invention Patent Certification
High-tech Enterprise Certification
ISO9000 Quality Certification
Four-Star Corporate Credit Rating
Honors and Awards
Over 180 awards from government associations, industries, and media
Top 50 Global Enterprise Service Technology Innovations
Forbes China Top 50 Enterprises in Technology
Forbes China High-Growth Gazelle Enterprises List
Hangzhou Unicorn Enterprise
Top20 Technological Enterprises with the Most Commercial Potential in China's Enterprise Service Field
Top50 Brands with HR Technology Influence in China
Top10 High-Potential Technological and Innovative Enterprises in China
WISE 2020 Enterprise Service Golden List - Best HR Solution
HR Service Industry Customer Satisfaction Award
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