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Compliant employment
Salary and benefits management
Human resource management
Legal and tax consulting
risk management
Cross cultural training
150+countries have local legal entities that can quickly achieve compliant employment
Global network coverage: With legal entities located in over 150 countries and regions worldwide, companies do not need to establish their own companies in each target country, greatly reducing market entry time
Instant compliance: Comply with local labor laws, tax regulations, and employment standards to help businesses quickly achieve compliant employment
A professional legal team effectively reduces employment risks
In depth legal consultation: equipped with an experienced legal team, providing legal advice on employment contracts, labor relations, data protection, and other aspects to ensure that enterprise operations comply with local regulations
Risk warning and response: By continuously monitoring legal changes and providing corresponding solutions, help enterprises effectively prevent and respond to risks
The uncertainty of overseas business expansion can lead to fluctuations in employment demand, and EOR provides flexibility for HR management
Flexible increase or decrease of employees: Faced with market changes and uncertainty in business needs, enterprises can flexibly adjust the size of employees according to actual situations, reducing unnecessary cost burdens
No long-term commitment pressure: Enterprises do not need to bear long-term employment commitments, which is conducive to maintaining flexibility and competitiveness in rapidly changing market environments
A standardized visual HR management system that enables real-time monitoring of employee onboarding progress
Transparent Management: Jinyou GEO provides a centralized and visual digital management platform, allowing enterprises to grasp key processes such as employee onboarding, contract signing, and salary distribution in real-time, improving management efficiency
Data security and privacy protection: Standardized systems ensure that data processing complies with international standards, protect employee privacy, and facilitate the integration and analysis of cross-border human resource data for enterprises
It can help enterprises release management resources and focus their core capabilities on expanding their overseas core businesses
Focus on core business: Assist enterprises in undertaking complex overseas employment management tasks, including recruitment, salary and benefits, so that they can free themselves from complex HR affairs and invest more energy in core business such as market development
Improving international operational efficiency: Enterprises can manage international teams more efficiently, optimize resource allocation, accelerate internationalization processes, and thus gain competitive advantages in the global market
Service Cases
Provide a one-stop talent introduction
solution for a certain electronic information
Company size
Electronic Information
Delivery scale
National Representative, Technical VP, Software
Development Engineer, Regional Director, Sales
Main positions
United States
Service Area
The client is a rapidly developing enterprise and urgently needs partners with strong HR service capabilities to provide localized docking for expanding US business
The problem of talent introduction urgently needs to be solved, including complex processes such as work visa application, work permit application, immigration registration and filing, etc
Customers are concerned about achieving compliant employment in the United States, and employees themselves and their families can enjoy the social security and benefits that are due in their location
Pain points
Customers need to solve various difficulties encountered during the talent introduction process
Respond to diverse employment standards and complex legal and regulatory requirements across various states in the United States
Provide a one-stop talent introduction solution to assist clients in attracting high-end professional and technical talents
Provide corresponding compliant employment advice based on the employee's state of residence, and assist clients in developing salary calculation plans
 Value: Accelerate the talent introduction process, effectively save labor costs for enterprises, and enhance international competitiveness
Ensure that employees enjoy legal rights and benefits, thereby enhancing their sense of belonging and stability
The Chinese team maintains close collaboration with customers with zero time difference, achieving fast response and efficient communication
Relying on a localized legal team, providing professional compliance consulting and advice to enterprises
Service process
Confirm requirements
Confirm customer needs and details of commissioned services, such as employee situation, payment cycle, etc
Employment promotion
According to customer needs, draft employment notices and employment contracts in English and the official language of the host country, make legal declarations with local management agencies, and register new employees locally
Ensure compliance
Ensure that all declaration documents and registration certificates, such as immigration permits, work permits, statutory insurance, domestic tax registration, etc., comply with local legal requirements
Salary payment
Calculate statutory salary items, including personal income tax, social security contributions, and insurance premiums, and pay salaries based on the payroll
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