Global Payroll
Calculate and distribute salaries, calculate and pay social security benefits on behalf of others
Compliant salary services | Simplified payment process | Comprehensive billing management
Personal income tax
Statutory welfare declaration
Tax declaration1
Salary calculation and approval
Salary distribution
Payroll distribution
Data check
Process tracking and control
Can help companies release labor costs and focus their core capabilities on expanding their overseas core businesses
Customers do not need to invest a lot of resources to build and maintain complex salary management systems and professional teams, significantly saving labor costs. Enterprises can free themselves from tedious administrative affairs and invest more energy and capital in building core competitiveness such as product research and development, market expansion, and brand building, accelerating the penetration of overseas markets and the growth of market share
Provide international compensation solutions tailored to the needs of different regions, as well as a consolidated data perspective on compensation across multiple countries and regions
In response to different legal, tax, and cultural environments in different regions, Jinyou GEO designs and implements customized compensation plans to ensure compliance with local regulations. In addition, it supports cross-border data integration, making it easier for managers to examine the compensation structure and costs in different regions from a global perspective and make more precise strategic deployments
The use of professional systems to process salary data has improved the efficiency of salary accounting
The introduction of automation and intelligence technology has improved the speed and accuracy of data processing by calculating salaries, deducting taxes and managing benefits. Even in the face of complex salary structures and changes, it can efficiently and accurately complete salary accounting work, bringing a stable and reliable salary management experience
Accurate and compliant processing of salary data has improved personnel satisfaction
Strictly following the laws and regulations of various countries, accurately calculating taxes and social insurance payments not only protects the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and employees, but also enhances their sense of security and satisfaction, further promoting team stability and productivity, and laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of enterprises
Service process
Confirm requirements
Confirm customer needs and details of commissioned services, such as employee situation, payment cycle, etc
Employment promotion
According to customer needs, draft employment notices and employment contracts in English and the official language of the host country, make legal declarations with local management agencies, and register new employees locally
Ensure compliance
Ensure that all declaration documents and registration certificates, such as immigration permits, work permits, statutory insurance, domestic tax registration, etc., comply with local legal requirements
Salary payment
Calculate statutory salary items, including personal income tax, social security contributions, and insurance premiums, and pay salaries based on the payroll
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