Global Payroll Management - Payroll
Providing compliant payroll solutions tailored to local requirements for international businesses
120+ currencies | Compliant payroll services | Comprehensive billing management
Payroll calculation services
Payroll Calculation
Basic Employment Policy Inquiry
HR agency services
Local Social Welfare Contribution
Payroll Calculation
Salary Disbursement
Compliance Reporting and Taxation
Basic Employment Policy Inquiry
Simplified Payment Processes
One platform for easy global multi-currency payments
Supporting settlement in 120+ currencies
Resolving complex issues related to multi-country payroll and international regulatory compliance, enabling efficient and compliant management of global employee compensation
Streamlining global currency conversions and complicated banking processes, ensuring a more convenient and smooth payroll system
Ensuring Tax Compliance
Supporting payroll compliance calculations, payment, and tax reporting needs
Quick and accurate payment of salaries to overseas teams, allowing businesses to focus on core operations
Interpreting global payroll policies to help businesses understand and comply with local laws and regulations in the countries where their employees are located
Transparent and efficient process tracking and control, reducing internal collaboration costs and time
A Global Digital Service Platform
Based on practices in China,integrate global policies,laws and regulations,for a quick start,easy operation and clear management
Online management and approval of global employee leave and attendance, real-time tracking, and instant access to global payroll information
Secure access to global employee data anytime, anywhere
Synchronized updates on employment policies of various countries, access to visa services, statutory holiday pay ranges, and exchange rates
Service process
Confirm requirements
Confirm the details of customer needs and entrusted services, such as employee situation, project landing country, etc
Employment Promotion
According to customer needs, draft employment notices and employment contracts in English and the official language of the host country, make legal declarations with local management agencies, and register new employees locally
Salary payment
Calculate legal salary items, including Personal income tax, social security contributions and insurance premiums, and pay salaries according to Payroll
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