Overseas Employee Dispatch
Dispatch bulk Chinese employees towork overseas
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personnel selection
Visa and Work Permit
Salary and benefits management
Legal and compliance consulting
Performance management and feedback
Pre exit training
Overseas on-site services
Having the Qualification Certificate for Foreign Labor Service Cooperation and being legally dispatched abroad
Having official recognition for overseas employee dispatch, possessing formal qualifications for conducting foreign labor cooperation operations, ensuring the legality of the dispatch process, and providing authoritative guarantees for enterprises
Familiar with destination country policies and able to handle various procedures related to overseas assignments
Having a deep understanding of labor laws, visa policies, tax regulations, etc. in the target country, able to efficiently handle visa applications, work permits, residence permits, and other procedures for dispatched employees, reducing time delays and cost increases caused by procedural issues
Full process compliance operation to reduce overseas dispatch risks
From personnel selection, training, dispatch to overseas work management, salary distribution and other aspects, all aspects comply with the laws and regulations of the destination country and China, ensuring the compliance of the entire dispatch process. This not only protects the rights and interests of dispatched employees, but also avoids potential legal risks for the enterprise
Professional team with years of practical experience in dispatching at home and abroad
A team with rich experience and professional knowledge can tailor dispatch plans according to the needs of the enterprise and project characteristics, effectively solve various problems that may arise during the dispatch process, ensure the smooth implementation of dispatch projects, and reduce the cost and risk of enterprise exploration
Can achieve dual salary and social welfare payments
In order to meet the regulations of different countries/regions and the actual needs of employees for continuous salary and insurance in China, Jinyou GEO can flexibly arrange for salary distribution in the dispatch location or domestically, while properly handling the payment of social insurance and benefits, ensuring that employee benefits are fully guaranteed and improving employee satisfaction
Can provide on-site collaborative services to alleviate a large amount of transactional work for customers
In addition to pre dispatch preparation, Jinyou GEO also provides on-site services, which means dispatching professional personnel to the customer's overseas project site to directly participate in or assist in managing the daily affairs of dispatched employees, such as attendance management, performance evaluation, employee relationship maintenance, etc., greatly reducing the management burden on customers and improving the overall efficiency of overseas operations
Service Cases
Dispatch thousands of Chinese people to
work overseas for a genetic testing listed
Company size
Delivery scale
Biotechnology personnel
Main positions
Saudi Arabia, Oman, Brunei, etc
Service areas
Customers are invited by multiple governments to undertake important tasks of providing genetic testing
Recruiting hundreds of qualified experimenters to work overseas in a short period of time
Pain points
The customer is not familiar with the employment policies, culture, regulations, etc. of the target country
The overseas situation is severe, customer needs are particularly urgent, and time is urgent
The customer does not have mature overseas dispatch capabilities and process experience
Provide specialized customization services, with a focus on supporting customer needs
Having the record of the Ministry of Commerce and complying with the entire process of overseas dispatch
Professional team on-site support, compliance management of expatriates
Establish a specialized management system and practical emergency procedures
Through efficient operation of a professional team, assist clients in completing overseas layouts within urgent time frames
Deeply understand and respect the cultural customs and laws and regulations of the target country, effectively prevent conflicts and risks
Provide on-site support and logistical support in special environments to ensure the stability of the workforce
Service process
Communicate and understand customer needs and business scenarios
Develop service plans
Signing a business contract
Signing of employee labor contracts
Application for work visa
Registration with the Commerce Bureau
Confirmation letter from the Chinese Embassy in the local area
Pre exit training, inspection and quarantine
Flight dispatch
Domestic monthly social security benefits, salary, and personal income tax processing
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