Independent Contractor
Solve the issue of remuneration distribution for contracted and consultant based work
Over 150 Countries/Regions | Mitigated Audit Risks | Lowered Administrative Expenses
Compensation calculation and approval
Remuneration payment
Data check
Process tracking and control
Wide service scope (Asia Pacific/Middle East/Africa/Europe/America, etc.)
Unrestricted by geography, enterprises can easily acquire the necessary professional skills and knowledge on a global scale. Jinyu GEO provides cross regional service coverage to meet specific needs of different regions and accelerate global business layout
The compliance evaluation process effectively manages risks such as tax payments and fines
Conduct a strict compliance assessment of the qualifications of freelance consultants to ensure that the cooperation model complies with the legal provisions of various countries, and avoid legal risks such as additional taxes and fines caused by misclassification
Reduce labor and tax related audits to focus clients on core business
Enterprises do not need to bear the labor relations and tax management responsibilities of traditional employees, greatly reducing the possibility of labor disputes and tax audits, freeing them from tedious compliance affairs and enhancing overall competitiveness
Local experts with in-depth understanding of local regulations, culture, and language
Having a deep understanding of local laws, business culture, and language, able to handle specific issues in projects more efficiently, improve communication efficiency, and ensure smooth implementation of projects, especially in cross-border cooperation
Ensure consultants receive timely compensation and comply with local requirements
Ensure that consultants receive agreed upon remuneration on time and comply with the laws and industry standards of the destination country/region, further maintain good cooperative relationships, and lay a foundation for attracting more high-quality resources
Service process
Confirm requirements
Confirm customer needs and details of commissioned services, such as employee situation, payment cycle, etc
Employment promotion
According to customer needs, draft employment notices and employment contracts in English and the official language of the host country, make legal declarations with local management agencies, and register new employees locally
Ensure compliance
Ensure that all declaration documents and registration certificates, such as immigration permits, work permits, statutory insurance, domestic tax registration, etc., comply with local legal requirements
Salary payment
Calculate statutory salary items, including personal income tax, social security contributions, and insurance premiums, and pay salaries based on the payroll
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